Our Mission:

Empowering creators to easily showcase their creativity and individuality to the best of their abilities. To give creators access to an independent platform to receive the credibility and appreciation of their work deserved while being compensated.

Our Vision:

Revolutionize every creator by providing an unparalleled experience to our creators and their fans. Creating a simplified service to deliver maximum satisfaction to our target audience. This service seeks to increase cash opportunities for creators and a platform to monitor the growth of their fans. Easily accessible and free-flowing communications allow creators to build direct and safe relationships with existing and potential fans whilst receiving live feedback.

Our Core Values:

We emphasize the importance of our values by creating the safest social media platform for creators and fans.

1. Safety–protection of privacy leakage of privacy-user. Protection of artistry, users' privacy rights, artists' content.

2. Providing income and challenging unemployment rates.

3. Expressing beauty in a creative form/ bringing together beauty and creativity- (young people incarcerated in jail prostitution –providing opportunities)

4. To present creativity respectably and be respected as a beautiful form of art.


We as a company will always promote and practice responding correctly. We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching, and we encourage each member of our community to do the same. We value transparency, honesty, and trust. We will always thrive and do the right thing and address all concerns raised with integrity, privacy, and respect for all users. We do not condone bullying or hate speech of any kind and such behaviors will not be tolerated in our community. All our values are equally critical to our success.

Creating Freedom:

Creating an environment where people feel comfortable to freely express their true selves without penalization.


We value creators from all genres and backgrounds, embrace all community’s uniqueness and work together to ensure everyone around the world feels included and respected. Our relationships build feelings of trust and connect all different people from all different walks of life.


We promote a "You have total control" style to our creators in hopes of encouraging and giving our users the ability to be the best versions of themselves. Giving creators control to own and monetize their content and foster authentic relationships with their followers and fanbase.