1. Do Beautiful People only sell content?

Beautiful People is a new platform used to upload anything, especially photos, videos, and files. BPO is super easy in this regard. Its interface is clean and simple so uploading is super easy. This is a big barrier for many.

2. What is Beautiful People Only?

Beautiful People Only is a platform that allows content creators to sell access to their exclusive content. You can post images, videos, and files that only your subscribers (we call them Fans!) will be able to see, as well as locked clips that users have to tip for to unlock.
BPO has several features to monetize your content and it allows you to keep 90% of your earnings.

3. How do I join?

Join using this link - https://beautifulpeopleonly.live/register. You can create an account using your email address or register using Google or Facebook.

4. What type of content you can sell through Beautiful People Only Platform?

Hot pictures, videos & more.
Specific shots for your sale would probably generate more money.
Customized short videos aimed at specific things, any kind of sexy video, and play content to suit all tastes.
Putting a camera and hitting “Play” during your daily routine. Record it and sell it so that it can bring you pleasure + money.
Cam shows - You can double your earnings by recording your cam shows and then selling them to whoever missed them or to those you want to re-watch them.

5. How to sell your content?

Social media is an important part of the business marketing strategy. It’s a great way to reach out to your target audience and grow your business by connecting with them in real-time.
A big part of it will come from your social media. If you want to reach as many people as possible make sure your social media account is working and promote your profile there. Use your social media to announce every time you post new fresh content and any other updates.
Post teaser images to speed up everyone’s appetite and then direct them straight away to your profile. Use sexy-related hashtags(#) to be discoverable by your target traffic and follow some people producing good content. Add the link to your profile on your socials profile (those that allow it) so that everyone can check it out.

6. Can you get subscribers on BPO if you don't promote outside BPO?

It’s very difficult to get subscribers if you DON’T promote outside of Beautiful People Only. You want to bring in all types of individuals who enjoy your specific body/attitude/look, and the best way to reach these folks is through outside Social Media platforms to be seen. Put yourself out there.

7. Is it true that only beautiful People can make money from BPO?

A lot of people can make a living on BPO. It's also easy to make money from BPO through Beautiful People. It's all up to how you promote yourself.

8. Is it easy to make money on Beautiful People Only?

Beautiful People Only is an easy platform for a lot of Beautiful People to make their income. Some other people think it's not easy to make money based on money made by a few attractive people.

9. What are the best & fastest ways to get followers on Beautiful People Only?

We recommend everybody promote their account on social media. But if for some reason you do not want to promote your account there. You can always share links with your fans. You also must use a good bio and profile picture.
If you want to get followers quickly, then from the start you should give the facility of free trial to your followers.
It will also be good if you make your subscription accessible for at least 1 month. With this, many users can see your content for free, many people will subscribe to your account. You can hide your best content on the paywall—this way you can earn money even with a free subscription.
By doing this you can get good likes and followers, and you can set the subscription value again.
You can increment every day. You must keep your followers engaged.

10. Can BPO promote the creators' page?

No. You have to promote your page. The BPO algorithm doesn’t promote your videos or pictures. You have to bring subscribers or users to your page. You have to upload the number of your followers without promoting the account.

11. Why do most people nowadays turn to online subscription-based platforms to sell their content?

Our premise is very simple: you choose the site that better suits your needs, create a content creator’s account, and will immediately have at your disposal all the tools you need to sell your content. You can sell videos, photos and in some cases even live streams. In most cases, you will have to grow your fanbase by promoting your account on social media and spreading the word among your friends, although our platform also offers other means to do the promotion.

12. What exactly are Beautiful People Only?

Beautiful People Only is a social media platform that allows content creators of any kind to post their content and receive payment directly from their followers or fans. For a monthly fee of between $2 and $35, creators set their own rate. Fans can gain access to the content offered by the creators on the platform by subscribing to that particular creator.
It’s a site that states that any type of creator is welcome. If you want to create fitness videos, educational content, yoga instructors, or cooking tutorials, then Beautiful People Only could be right for you.

13. What makes Beautiful People Only different from other SMs?

BPO lets you host live performances. Creators of BPO can send messages to their fans privately or en masse. Private performances that allow content creators to offer services that are curated just for a particular fan can be performed on the platform.
Fans can get a much closer connection with the creators they love. BPO lets you charge YOUR FOLLOWERS to see your content. This is your offer of a more premium level of content and to earn money while you do it.

14. Signing up on Beautiful People Only

Anyone 18 and above is allowed to open an account with BPO. BPO verifies the age of its users with the use of a government-issued ID. To ensure that child protection and privacy laws are not broken. To sign up for BPO, you need an email, name, and password. After providing all these details on the signup page, you would need to verify your email by clicking on the link sent to your email. You also have the option of signing up with your Facebook or Google account. This method is way faster. For content creators, before you open your new account, you need to verify your identity and provide some personal information.

15. How to open an account with Beautiful People Only?

1. Create a BPO account using this link - https://beautifulpeopleonly.live/register.
2. You can also create an account using your existing Google email address or Facebook account.

16. How do you set the price for your subscribers or fans?

1. Go to Settings (More -> Settings) on the left navigation.
2. Under Settings, click Subscriptions.
3. First TURN ON "Paid Profile".
4. Customize your subscription price for monthly, 3 months, 6 months or annual.

17. How do you make your profile free for your fans?

1. Go to Settings (More -> Settings) on the left navigation.
2. Under Settings, click Subscriptions.
3. TURN OFF "Paid Profile"

18. How do you deposit or withdraw money?

1. Go to Settings (More -> Settings) on the left navigation.
2. Under Settings, click Wallet.
3. You can deposit money or request to withdraw using the Wallet feature.

19. How do you see Payments or Transactions?

1. Go to Settings (More -> Settings) on the left navigation.
2. Under Settings, click Payments.
3. In this section you will be able to see all payment transactions along with the transaction status.
4. Only when the status displays "Approved", the transaction is completed. All other status except "approved" does not guarantee the transaction was/ will be successful.

List of steps involved in signing up:
Check the box that states that you are 18 years old or older.
Add a bank account or payment information Confirm your country of residence from a drop-down menu Provide your personal information like name, address, city, postal/zip code, and date of birth.
Upload a government-issued ID Upload a picture of yourself holding up the government-issued ID.
Enter the expiration date of the ID.
Answer the question about the kind of content you intend to upload.
Click the button that says, “Send for Approval.” After completing the steps above, you should receive an email saying, “Your Account Approval is pending.” In 48 to 72 hours you should receive another email saying that your account has been approved.

20. Can a subscriber communicate with a creator?

Yes, BPO allows subscribers to have a personal interaction with the creators that they are subscribing to. Subscribers can vote, rate make requests, and gift creators for their services. For instance, some creators can offer exclusive photos of themselves to a fan depending on the service selected on the top menu.

21. Who should use BPO?

ONLY The Hottest. Ok, If you believe you are hot enough, and thinking of becoming a content creator, go for it – just work out what you have to offer that people may want to pay for, and get to work on building your online presence. Anyone who wants to should use Beautiful People! There are always interesting profiles to discover, catering to a wide range of interests.

22. Can BPO see who paid?

When you pay on BPO, because your payment is not stored on the BPO website the creators can only see your username on the BPO website and not your real name or the name on your billing card. Even thou you are a subscriber, your personal info is not being revealed.

23. How to get popular on BPO?

You can promote BPO? The best way to be popular on Beautiful People Only is by using social media and collaborating with creators.

24. What is the realistic income for BPO?

The average Earnings from BPO will depend on the size of your subscriber base and how much you decide to charge. As with any creator platform that works in this way, it’s on you to promote your profile as much as possible across your social media channels.

25. How fast is the payment?

BPO is the instant payment feature – once your earnings are in your BPO account, your withdrawals will be pretty much instant, so there’s no long clearing period to have to endure once you make a withdrawal request. Obviously, this will depend on your own bank’s timings too, but most banks will process payments immediately.

26. How does BPO make money?

BPO makes its money by taking a percentage of your earnings. We take 10% of all the money you earn, which is the LOWEST on the internet. It is the same as the competitors, but better for earning more money. In terms of style, it’s pretty similar to the others, although it does have a few extra features that others don’t currently offer.

27. How to succeed in BPO?

1. Keep tabs on the competition.
2. Shoot for likes
3. Leverage your social media channels
4. Invest in paid shoutouts
6. Target niches
7. Produce high-quality content
9. Consistency is the key

28. Is BPO Subscription anonymous?

As a subscriber, you can remain anonymous by using a username and an avatar as your profile picture. However, your bank records will show payments to "Beautiful People Only" so if you want to keep your subscriptions completely personal, make sure you don't use a shared bank account.

29. What company owns Beautiful People Only?

The parent company is Beautiful People Group, a company based in Miami Florida.

30. How do you deposit money?

1. Go to Settings (More -> Settings) on the left navigation.
2. Under Settings, click Wallet.
3. You can deposit money by entering the amount you want.
4. Stripe payment gateway will be used and you can use your DEBIT CARD to deposit money into the Beautiful People Only account.

31. How do you withdraw money?

1. Go to Settings (More -> Settings) on the left navigation.
2. Under Settings, click Wallet.
3. You can withdraw money by entering the amount you want.
4. Enter your bank account number and other bank details such as routing number in the withdrawal form.
5. Beautiful People Only account withdrawal has a minimum limit of $200. You may not be able to withdraw any amount under $200.