1.What is BPO? Who uses it, and how does it work?

BPO is a paid social media platform that allows you to post content, images, and videos, and charge a monthly subscription price or Pay per view for access to the content. It is commonly used for models and amateurs, makeup artists, stylists, and all other special creatives. However, it is also used by photographers. Artists, fitness trainers, actors, dancers, singers, comedians, and anybody else who wants to get paid for the content they create. Feel different? Know how to stand out from the crowd? This is for you then!

2.What can BPO offer you?

The platform allows the creators to sell their premium content via monthly subscriptions, offers, bundles, tips, and pay-to-unlock posts. BPO is a fully-featured PHP platform that allows you to start your own premium content-based social media platform at any time. Bringing users the ability to post premium content – this feature can be only unlocked by other viewers when purchasing a monthly subscription. On top of that, creators can earn more money from tips and paid posts than from regular subscription content. Your beauty can become your primary income of money – a perfect job for special ones.

3.How do Beautiful People Only work?

Beautiful People Only is an excellent solution to monetize content and make as much profit as possible. It is a platform that provides subscription-based social media websites for content monetization. Tippings are absolutely amazing for making an extra profit – explore this option as well, we are sure you'll love it! Making money fast and easy in a blink of an eye.

4.How does BPO work for creators?

BPO is super easy to use. Creators simply upload their content (videos, cooking, photos, or any other sort of artwork) to the site. Creators can set their page to be free or paid, and fans pay to get access to the exclusive content. The content is also protected by BPO, ensuring that it can't be shared outside the platforms. Your privacy is guaranteed.

5.How do I promote myself?

The best way to promote yourself & grow your fans

a.Fully update the information of all your social media accounts.
b.Regularly share content to entertain your audience.
c.Import your contacts to gain more followers quickly & easily.
d.Find join groups.
e.Keep social posts positive and engaging.
f.Keep your brand voice, and image tone consistent – create your digital self.
g.Tell your customers when you are coming back when you leave.
h.Make social networks work for you and your popularity by synchronizing with other audience needs. Your business deserves to succeed.

Sign up & Posting content

When you decide to start posting content and earn money, you will need to create an account and verify it. After it, you're able to create posts by accessing the Create post page. Feel free to upload any kind of media you want, by either the drag & drop option, or by clicking on the file icon below the text area.

6.Is BPO a job?

No matter what others may tell you – yes, this can become your main source of money income! The best thing about it is that there's no limit – you'll earn money from your own success. So, stand up, come here, and create that success – it all depends on you! There is a lot of time and effort that goes into producing and promoting your account. But it's fun, and you learn a lot, too.

7.Can a creator hide their identity?

While some people may prefer to remain anonymous on BPO, others may be more comfortable sharing their identities. Ultimately, it is up to the individual user to decide whether or not they want to reveal their identity on the platform. Some people may choose to remain anonymous on BPO for privacy reasons. Others may feel more comfortable sharing their identity in order to connect with other users and build a following. Ultimately, it is up to the individual user to decide whether or not they want to reveal their identity on the platform.

8.Account Overview

100% confidential information that will under no circumstances be shared with other users. Please provide accurate information about yourself. We respect your privacy and protect your personal data.

9.How does BPO payment work?

Users subscribe to creators for a fee they pay each month that gets them access to photos, videos, and live streams. In addition, creators can sell "exclusive" content to subscribers for an additional fee, called pay-per-view (PPV).

10.How often do I get paid?

The money earned can be withdrawn at any moment. You earned it – reward yourself!

11.How much money should I charge on my BPO if I’m very sexy and good-looking?

This is a good question, and everyone included in this career should seriously think about it. An attractive profile photo and cover on BPO is a really important factor when somebody is not sure if they will subscribe or not. The subscription price depends on what kind of content you are providing. We would recommend that it is best to start with $5 to $20. You can also offer a 90 day packages, where people pay more in advance to get a discount. There are numerous different options to explore – we're sure you'll find what suits you the most.

12.Does the site has a search feature?

Yes, you can search for topics and discover new creators at any moment. Search is greatly optimized, so you'll find what you need with just a few clicks.

13.Does BPO work internationally?

Yes, of course, actually we are represented and translated into 90+ languages. Don't worry, you'll easily find your mother tongue.

14.User details

You will be able to view the user's location, status, registration date, and account balance. To view the user’s complete profile, please click VIEW PROFILE.

15.How can I upload my photo?

You can upload your profile picture easily. Remember, this is the first thing a user entering the website will see, so we suggest you choose a proper photo. The better the image, the more fans you'll gain. The first impression is very important.

16.How does BPO work for subscribers?

As already explained, users subscribe to creators for a fee they pay each month which gets them access to videos, photos, and live streams from the creator. In addition, creators can sell "exclusive" content to subscribers for an additional fee, called pay-per-view (PPV).

17.How many photos can I upload to my BPO before promoting it?

As many as you like. There's no limit.

18.What can creators be fined for?

We Do not allow sexually explicit content. We do not accept underage users from selling and appearing in explicit videos" Adult material is not allowed from the sites. Posts containing nudity or “any content containing sexually-explicit conduct” will be banned, from the site.

We value respect and privacy. Creators can be fined for:
Placing other people that are not registered as creators in the camera area;
Engaging in other activities (fetishes) is prohibited by the Terms and Conditions for creators; engaging in any activity involving drugs, children, and/or animals. Further information on the full list of violations and fines.

19.Email activation

Confirm your email address and kindly wait for the administration to activate your account. Good luck – you're ready to make money just from your looks!

20.Will BPO reject my ID and account if I use a different name?

No, there are a lot of alternatives you can use. Create a fun name, or better said – alter ego!

21.Do I need a photo ID?

Be sure that you take a high-quality snapshot of yourself holding your ID near your face, or upload a snapshot of yourself holding your ID near your face manually by clicking the corresponding button. Please upload a scan or a photo of your document with a photo ID clearly showing your photo, date of birth, and signature. Expiry date – please choose the correct expiration date of your document.Take a Snapshot of your face with your webcam, or simply upload a snapshot manually by clicking the corresponding button.

22.Why are people switching to us?

We have it all in one place! While other digital content services may focus on one area, we strive to bring you the most extensive library of content in the world. With an ever-expanding, daily content update, we will surely have everything you are looking for. You may access content on any device or platform. Use your computer, mobile device, tablet, smart tv, game console, and more for easy access. We have made everything with simplicity in our minds.


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